Staying safe

If something upsetting, scary or stressful has happened to you, it can have quite a big effect on your mental health, even if it happened years ago. If you have been hurt or not looked after properly, or treated in a way that makes you feel scared or unsafe or you feel very unhappy or alone you must tell an adult that you trust.

If you think this might have happened to you, there are lots of places you can go for advice, with some suggestions below.

If you are over 16 and were hurt or abused as a child this page on MindWell has lots of information which could help you.


If you tell an adult about abuse or neglect they will need to share this information with others if they think you are ‘at risk of harm’. This is to make sure that you are safe and get the support you need.

If you want to talk to someone about abuse or neglect of any kind call Childline free on 0800 1111

Online Safety

It’s important to protect yourself if you’re online. The Childline website has the lowdown on everything from online bullying to social media, to keeping yourself safe from online grooming and how to protect your personal info.

There are different ways children and young people can be hurt or abused. Find out more below.

If you are a parent or professional and have concerns about a child or young person, the Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board website has information on where to go for help in Leeds.

Staying safe when meeting up

We know that sometimes talking about your feelings is not easy and that you might want to do this in a place you’re comfortable in or a place of your choice but only if you choose to do this.

It’s really important that the person you’re meeting is who they say they are.

Guide to staying safe