Self image

As our bodies develop and we grow up, the changes can feel strange.  We can feel pressure from our friends, family and social media – to look or be a certain way.  It is normal to like some bits of the way we look and not other bits.

Are you worried that you spend too much time thinking about how you look? It can be frustrating that you can change some things, like your hair cut – but other bits you can’t.

Social media, TV and magazines can make us compare ourselves to others and feel under pressure to look a certain way. Often the images we see that look ‘perfect’ aren’t even real, and have been altered digitally.

Keeping active and healthy eating are good for your mind and body, but worrying too much about your body shape, or trying to control it through lots of exercise and changes to your diet can do more harm than good.  A positive mental image of who you are is also really important for your overall health.

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