Feeling different?

As we grow up we often want to be like the people we admire. But it’s good to be different – if we were all the same it would be boring!

It is easy to think everyone else feels like they fit in but often the most talented or interesting people have felt different at some point in their lives.  If you chat to friends and family, you often find most people feel they are different in some way or worry about it when they are growing up.

People can feel different for many reasons, for example their skin colour, religion, being gay or transgender, or just feeling like they don’t fit in.  Feeling different from people around you, it can be lonely or make you worry.  You may find it helpful to talk to someone about this – whether this is with a grown up you trust or maybe even a professional.

Has someone made you feel bad for being different? Go to our ‘worried about bullying’ page

Do you feel like your appearance makes you different? Go to self image page

Did you know? Some things that might make you feel different, like being gay, transgender or having a disability, are called protected characteristics, and The Equality Act 2010 means the law protects people with protected characteristics from discrimination (being treated unfairly for being different).

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